Meet Wendy

Wendy ChapmanWendy Chapman is an avid supporter of our "client first" philosophy and she is super capable!

How did she arrive here? Here's a few highlights of the epic journey...

Wendy spent her early career years at one of the "big four" Australian banks.  In the late 1980's she took unpaid leave and travelled the world on a working holiday where she discovered the potential of a rapidly growing Information Technology industry during her time in London, England.

Wendy returned to studies in Australia and spent a decade in the IT industry, initially marketing software to geochemical laboratories in the mineral rich west.  Through her dedication to superior service and continuing education this role quickly evolved to a global position with a leading analytical group, managing 20 systems in 7 countries.  Some years later this led her to Canada to work as a Systems Analyst / Network Engineer / Laboratory Information Management System Specialist and Trainer based in Toronto.

The mining and information technology industries turned south in the early 2000's and the west coast lifestyle came calling.  Soon Wendy had a new home and a new career in real estate! With a strong belief in continuing education she quickly obtained her Managing Broker's licence and managed a thriving RE/MAX brokerage for a number of years. 

Wendy is no stranger to professionalism and exceptional service.  These days she is unlicensed and her broad combination of systems skills, creativity and experience are fully utilised.

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