Excellent reputation and outstanding work on my previous properties. Valuable guidance, prompt responses and always courteous and professional service. Intelligent, service oriented; a consummate professional. Thank you for the tremendous insight and guidance. - Robin (July 2014)

Stuart is an unpretentious, pleasant REALTOR® who is truly expert in the neighbourhood. His depth of knowledge of historical transactions in the area is amazing, and his advice clearly draws from that. Stuart's advice lead to a higher sale price than we would have achieved without his help, and to a trouble-free transaction. We always knew what to expect, based on his guidance. - David (July 2014)

Friendly, efficient, local, experienced, based on hard data, great team, likeable. - Alan & Elizabeth (May 2014)

Yours is an honest, dependable and consistently approachable business. No muss; no fuss. In a tough market you and your associates are still able to get the job done with a smile. - Brenda (December 2012)

Stuart is very professional. He explains the market situation and the selling process very clearly. He provides an accurate and realistic selling price. He is always available to answer all your questions. He returns phone calls right away. He provide a stress-free environment when selling. Every step is smooth. You feel very safe and confident when you are with him. For buying. He asks you the right questions to find out what is your life style, what you are looking for. He listens carefully and meets your needs. He does a good screening in the choices he provides you with, so you don't end up feeling overwhelmed. He is a very nice and pleasant person. - Danielle (May 2012)

Solid market understanding, negotiation support, reliable administration and documentation and patience with a number of different offers. Thank you! Looking forward to finding the next property together... - Harald (May 2012)

Good marketing advice. Good contacts with trades to prepare house for sale. Good communication. Lots of exposure. Good negotiation advice. Thanks Stuart. We enjoyed having you work for us. You did a great job. - Mary (April 2012)

Thanks so much for all of your help with the sale of my Aunt's house.  I was impressed by your courtesy, efficiency and professionalism. - Garry (May 2011)

Thank you for the excellent service on all levels. - Robin (April 2011)

We had confidence that you would sell our house quickly and for a good price.  Your knowledge, experience, and understanding of the market enabled a quick sale at a great price. Also, you put us in touch with various professionals to help ready the house for listing.  Professional, highly experienced, insightful, realistic, prudent and strategic. - Colleen (March 2011)

Clear honest assessment. Personal involvement throughout the process.  Personal attention. Market knowledge. Valuable statistical information. Pleasant to deal with. - Mustafa (March 2011)

I felt confident that you could guide me through a possibly difficult sale - and you did!  I have already told people how you are a master at creating buzz - that you were able to do it 3 times. And you helped with reno advice, staging help etc. - Catharine (March 2011)

Straight forward and will tell the truth. - Linda (February 2011)

Good advice, professional service, quick and effective sale. Professional, efficient, well aware of the market you serve, good sense of market dynamic... - Pascal (October 2010)

We were referred to you by our son who said he respected your ability to serve us well. He was right. We were so pleased with your presentation and that you sold our property so quickly on a down trend market. Many thanks for all your help in educating us in the art of moving. - Hugh and Betty (September 2010)

You listen well, really know the areas we were interested in, and negotiate well a complete professional. Knowledgeable, empathetic, honest, professional. Virginia and I can't thank you and Kelly enough for all your help in our search for a new house. We hoped you could help and you more than delivered! Many thanks! - Trevor and Virginia (September 2010)

1- You wanted to do the job as well as possible . 2-You were not thinking of your benefit . 3 -You were very honest. - Haideh (July 2010)

I am the kind of person who always seeks out the best people or products for my comfort and needs. You are the best REALTOR® I have dealt with, and I have expressed this opinion to other people who live on Vancouver's Westside. - Dale (March 2010)

Quick action when it counted. - Rolf and Willma (February 2010)