February 2018

The NDP Just Lowered The Value of Our Houses

Posted on Feb 26, 2018 in Market Update

This taxation is political (TAX GRAB) and is poorly thought out as it does not account for the drop in demand which is a consequence of the onerous taxation.
So far this month we have had 49 MLS sales of westside detached homes. 
15 under $3M, 21 from $3M to $4M, 6 from $4m to $5M, 3 from $5M to $6M, 2 in the $6M’s, 1@ $8.5M, 1 @ $13M, & 1@ $17.4M

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Feb 2018 Westside Market Update

Posted on Feb 06, 2018 in Market Update

Westside detached house supply this January remained essentially unchanged from December (616 to 617) but is up 11% compared to 554 last January 2017. 
Westside detached home demand (sales) this January was up 26% from December (35 to 44) and up 19% compared to 37 sales last January 2017. 
December & January are typically the quietest months for both s...

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